Lightning fast charging powered by green energy

Cyan Energy offers a charging experience with the speed and convenience comparable to refuelling at a gas station, without compromising sustainability.

Charging as it should be

Our robust power supply and energy storage system ensures all vehicles to charge at maximum capacity, up to an impressive 350 kW, simultaneously. This guarantees shorter charging times, all done with sustainable energy sources, offering a superior charging experience for our customers.

100% renewable energy guaranteed

Charge 40 kWh in only 8 minutes*
*if allowed on the vehicle

Overcoming limitations in the electricity grid capacity

At Cyan Energy, we bypass limitations in the electricity grid capacity by generating power locally at our charging stations. Without grid limitations, we can say goodbye to concerns about power availability, scaling the charging network, and worries about the sustainability of the available power source.

The reliable solution for electric transportation

Our high-power system enables renewable charging for all vehicles – from everyday cars to heavy haulage, public transportation, maritime, and aviation.

A seamless charging experience

Our mission is to replace gas stations with efficient, renewable energy hubs and chargers, ensuring seamless charging and sustainable mileage for all electric vehicles. At Cyan Energy, a modern EV can gain 200 km range during a 10 minute charge – always at a fixed price per kWh.

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